Andrew Bolotowsky

Where are the Women? 12 Flute Solos by Women Composers

August 22, 2009 at 2PM
NYPL Hamilton Fish Park (415 Avenue D)

Presented by Lower East Side Performing Arts

Andrew Bolotowsky learned his remarkable flute technique with Willard Kincaid, Elaine Shaffer and Jean-Pierre Rampal. He graduated from the New School for Social Research after completing a thesis on Baroque ornamentation. He has performed over 3,000 solo recitals and worked with the Westchester Philharmonic and Brooklyn Philharmonic orchestras, Downtown Music Productions, Music Downtown, American Festival of Microtonal Music, Soho Baroque Opera, Muse (Colonial American Music), the Delbartin Baroque Ensemble and the New Amsterdam Baroque Ensemble. He has appeared on the radio on WQXR, WBAI, WNCN, WNYC and on television on NBC abd CBS. Equally at ease in Baroque and early music, contemporary music, jazz and experimental music, he has recorded for a wide variety of labels: Orion Master Recording, Golden Age Records, Opus 1, Station Hill Records, Frog Peak, 4Tay, Sonic Muse, XI, Stereo Society, CRI, Newport Classics and Pitch. Discography

It took Bolotowsky a number of years to assemble this unique recital of modern flute pieces spanning 20th and 21st centuries, most of which have been composed for him. As educational as creative, it documents a wide variety of musical styles, from classic tonality to experiments with sound, and from traditional to extended techniques. Bolotowsky also has found a special sound for each piece: he performs on an unusual variety of standard and custom instruments from different geographies and histories, including flute, piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, Baroque flute, Baroque bass flute and shakuhachi, demonstrating to audiences the wide range of sounds that can be produced by the flute family of instruments.

The featured composers are: Jennifer Post, Joyce Hope Suskind, Sorrel Hays, Tui St. George Tucker, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Deborah Thurlow, Lenore Von Stein, Beth Anderson, Elodie Lauten, Lynn Wilson, Judith Sainte Croix and Anne Tardos.