Maude Boltz Sculptures

Maude Boltz is an original founder of the AIR Gallery of women's work.
Since the early seventies she has created sculptures, paintings, watercolors and more recently digital art.

Loft (recreated from 1973 original)
16 ft. L x 4 ft. W
AIR Gallery, 2008

Hoist (1972)
10 ft. x 4.5 ft
Canvas, topes, metal tubes

Barn Hangings (1971)
9.5 ft. x 4 ft.
Dyed yarns, wood, rope

Artists' studio during
recreation of Loft

Grey Columns (1967)
29" diameter, 10 ft. H
Cold rolled steel

Quilt Collage (1973)
16 ft. L x 4 ft. W
Fabric strips, braided
rope, wood

"Loft" as originally shown at
Zabriskie Gallery

Glass Echo (1971)
8" H x 13" W x 15" D
Gravel. sponges, glass box

Balloonscape (1978)
Outdoor installation
Sullivan County Music Festival