PROGRAM: Where are the Women? 12 Flute Solos by Women Composers

Jennifer Post
Sing you song - there are words but no meanings
Partially graphic score realized in in many different ways over the years

Joyce Hope Suskind
Celebration (1970)
A neo-Baroque work with power and definition celebrating the 1970 Women’s Conference.

Sorrel Hays
Breathless (1975)
An unusual Bass Flute solo utilizing many non -flute sounds.

Tui St. George Tucker (+2004)
Concertino “The Canary”
A bright, cheery, non-microtonal* work by a famous microtonal composer.

Ruth Crawford Seeger (+1953)
Diaphonic Suite (1930): Scherzando, Andante, Allegro, Moderato, Ritmico
Atonal* work by a 20th century pioneer.

Deborah Sandoval Thurlow
Tropical Bird Song
Directly inspired from bird songs.

Lenore Von Stein
Why Michelle - in the absence of (2008)
A pugilistic piece with great dynamic variety.

Beth Anderson
Shakuhachi Run (1991)
Kentucky-born composer plays with a Japanese Flute.

Elodie Lauten
Orange from the Deus Ex Machina Cycle (1997)
A major work for the very rare Baroque Bass Flute

Lynn Wilson
Fantasia for Anastasia
A tuneful character piece based on the flutist’s daughter.

Judith Sainte Croix
Arctic Wind Song
Evocative solo using all forms of contemporary flute technique.

Anne Tardos
Glissandi for Theresa Salomon (2001)
Challenging a flutist to form a work originally written for violin


Jennifer Post teaches ethnomusicology and has edited the book Ethnomusicology: A Contemporary Reader published by Routledge. She wrote a book entitled Music in Rural New England, Family and Community Life. She is an Assistant Professor of Music at Middlebury College, VT.

Joyce Hope Suskind was a scholarship student in oboe and voice Juilliard, and she studied piano privately. A composer of vocal music, she has set the poems of William Butler Yeats, Gerard Manley Hopkins, W.H. Auden, Conrad Aiken and several contemporary poets. Her Six Songs to Poetry of Yeats, published by Hildegard, are featured on the CD Songs by Women (Leonarda). Her Six Stevenson Songs are available in print from Classical Vocal Reprints.

Collaborating with actors and musicians in New York and Europe, Sorrel Hays developed unusual combinations of song, text and sound effect. She has received grants and awards from the Cary Trust, The New York Foundation for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Council on the Arts, the American Music Center, and Arts International. Her work is published by Henmar Press/ C. F. Peters, Hildegard Press and Tallapoosa Music, and recorded on New World, Finnadar Atlantic, Folkways, Tellus, Opus One, Townhall, Centaur and Wergo labels.

Tui St. George Tucker (1924- 2004) became known as a recorder virtuoso and a composer, She began conducting and composing for the Springhouse Farm choir of Valle Crucis in 1988. Tucker’s music for recorder reflects her highly developed capacities as a performer, making use of extended ranges, tunings and techniques – highly original, it is full of contrast and wit, ranging from plainsong and Baroque to modern styles, humorous juxtapositions and folk elements.

Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901-1953) Mother of the well-know singer Pete Seeger, she studied in Chicago, Berlin and Paris and in New York with Charles Seeger who later became her husband. Her works exploit numerical systems and unusual effects in a remarkable, streamlined style; they include songs, orchestral music, a string quartet, violin sonata and piano pieces. She also transcribed, arranged and edited hundreds of American folksongs.

Deborah Thurlow is a musician, composer and film producer. She studied composition with John Corigliano. She has eight recordings to her credit on the Capstone label. She leads a futuristic chamber ensemble with elements of processed sounds and improvisations. Currently she is the director, producer and composer of her film, Hidden Children, a documentary about children who are survivors of the Holocaust. Hidden Children will debut in the fall at the Teaneck Cultural Forum in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Lenore Von Stein, performance poet/singer/composer, was born and raised in New York City and is the artistic director of 1687, Inc.  Von Stein’ works are made of improvised and composed music and stories. They have also included visual art, dance, and scholarly discourse. Von Stein’s most recent project is a TV series “The Facts” is broadcast monthly on Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s Channel 57. Von Stein’s most recent CD release is “Art and Money” on the 1687 label. “Surreal and uninhibited, strikingly offbeat lyrics, subtler, ever innovative.”  Village Voice

Beth Anderson is a composer of new romantic music, text-sound works, and music theater events. Many of her recordings have been released on Albany, New World, Pogus, Capstone and Opus One. Her orchestral compositions were performed by The Richmond Symphony and the Bratislava Radio Orchestra. Her publishers include Joshua Corp./E.M.I., Recital Music in England and Antes/Bella Musica in Germany. Web site:

Elodie Lauten’s compositions have been presented by the Lincoln Center Festival, the New York City Opera and the Whitney Museum. Recently she wrote and directed The Two-Cents Opera running for 3 weeks at Theater for the New City. Her release roster is up to 29 on a variety of labels (Point/Polygram, Capitol, New Tone (Italy), Lovely Music, O.O. Discs, Tellus, Frog Peak, 4Tay, Studio 21 and Unseen Worlds. In 2008 a reissue of her 1985 opera The Death of Don Juan was praised as “a masterpiece of new music”. She is the executive director of Lower East Side Performing Arts. Web site/

Lynn Wilson has long been interested in the tonal vibrations, the overtone system, the timbre of the voice and its similarities to instruments such as the flute. She composes music for piano, vocal, chamber ensembles and solo instruments. She has combined legends and myths with instruments from various world cultures. Fantasia for Anastasia is the second piece she has written for Mr. Bolotowsky. The restricted range and focused tone colors of Baroque Flute present unique challenges. She lives and teaches in Sonoma County, California.

Judith Sainte Croix writes opera, chamber, orchestral and electronic music. Her sound palette is lyrical and atmospheric with driving rhythms, drawing on both ancient and futuristic sounds. Over the years she has received many awards including the Gaudeamus award in the Netherlands, fellowships from NYSCA and the Jerome Foundation and recently commissions from Chamber Music America, the Rhode Island Symphony and the NEA.

Anne Tardos is a poet, composer, and visual artist. She is the author of several books of poetry and the multimedia performance work and radio play Among Men. A selection of her readings and performances (many with Jackson Mac Low) can be heard on the University of Pennsylvania’s web site: PennSound and on UbuWeb Sound. Her book of new poetry, I Am You, has appeared from Salt Publishing, and she is the editor of Thing of Beauty, by Jackson Mac Low, California. She is a 2009 Fellow in Poetry from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Web site: